Blackbird Management Suite

ONE platform. ONE console. ALL the answers you’ll ever need.

This powerful software suite seamlessly guides administrators through the entire identity and access lifecycle — from real-time auditing and compliance reporting to protection and recovery. As a result, enterprise organizations can enhance their data security and achieve compliance, without putting a strain on their existing IT resources and budget.
Blackbird Management Suite Modules

Blackbird Auditor

Blackbird Auditor is real-time change tracking and security compliance for your Active Directories and Group Policies.

Blackbird Privilege Explorer

A single solution for real-time auditing, monitoring, compliance reporting and recovery for Active Directory and Windows File System.

Blackbird Recovery

Blackbird Recovery is the only continuous recovery option for active directory, with unmatched change control, and easy roll back to any previous state.

Blackbird Privilege Manager

Privilege manager enables data owners to control access and changes to their resources without infrastructure changes or business disruption.

Blackbird Auditor - Windows File System

Real-time auditing and security compliance for Windows File System

Blackbird Protector

A powerful Active Directory firewall, Blackbird protector stops unwanted changes before they happen.


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