Threats to your business can come from anywhere: it could be a power outage, a computer virus disabling your software, or a natural disaster. When it happens, a solid disaster recovery plan can make the difference between a slight bump in your operations and a huge blow to your company financially.

Top 5 ways to protect your business:

  1. Secure Data Storage – Data preservation is the number one priority if your network fails. Make sure a plan is in place so your data is not corrupted, or even worse, lost forever.
  2. Offsite Locations – Having a secondary site can keep your business running if your main office is out of commission. This can be challenging for small to mid-sized companies to have multiple locations.
  3. Service Redundancy – Even more than a physical location, it’s important to have a set of secondary resources, such as alternate communication lines to use if the phone network goes down, or alternative email servers.
  4. Backup – Backups need to be done regularly and frequently. A backup that was made months ago or even weeks ago can force you to restart projects from scratch.
  5. Quick Detection – when something interrupts your service, it’s important to identify the problem quickly and determine the appropriate response. Diagnostic tools can be built in to help evaluate your system and allow you to quickly solve the problem.

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