Recovery As A Service (RAAS, sometimes also DRAAS for “disaster recovery”) is currently one of the hottest and fastest-growing fields in cloud services. Backup and recovery services are the top lure for companies moving to the cloud… but as with any new technology, there are always new challenges.

Cloud systems, especially, live and die by their security and reliability. New ideas are constantly floating around on how to improve both, and hopefully at the same time.

We’ve compiled a list of a few of the current movers and shakers in the industry. Keep an eye on them to see where the winds are blowing!

Business Leaders Carrying The Torch Of RAAS

Robert C. Chandler, PhD, Nicholson School of Communication

Dr. Chandler is one of the leading theoretical researchers and speakers in cloud systems today, with a special emphasis on how technology is changing business practices. His annual International Crisis and Risk Communications Conference is currently one of the intellectual highlights of the industry, attracting a range of speakers and new ideas from the cloud.

Attending an ICRCC conference means being on the cutting edge of cloud systems, and Dr. Chandler is a very large part of the reason why.

Mary Galligan, Deloitte Cyber Risk Services

If you need any convincing proof that cyber-security is now serious business, look no further than Mary Galligan, who moved to Deloitte after twenty-five years in the FBI. When at the Bureau, she worked in cyber-security, and this career change indicates just how big cloud security is getting.

When major firms are bringing in high-powered law enforcement experience, you know the game is changing. We’re expecting to see some new and interesting ideas out of Deloitte, given the experience Mary Galligan will bring.

Regina Phelps, CEO, Emergency Management & Safety Solutions

Since founding EMSS in 1982, Regina Phelps has risen to be recognized globally as a leader in the field, and that position continues today. EMSS is consistently ahead of the curve, and Regina Phelps continues to look for and advocate for new solutions as technology evolves.

She’s also currently working on a new book on leadership during a disaster scenario, which will undoubtedly be of huge value to the DRAAS community.

Bruce Blythe, CEO, Crisis Management International

Bruce Blythe of CMI is one of the most widely-known and seen speakers on disaster planning and leadership, giving appearances across the country and appearing often as a guest on the major news journals and cable news networks.

Blythe has experience helping major firms through some of the worst disasters of recent years, including both the 1993 and 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew, as well as several California earthquakes. There are few people in the industry with more direct experience dealing with the absolute worst Mother Nature can summon.

Edward Sharp, CEO, Quorumcloud computing services

After fifteen years at NetApp, Edward Sharp was made CEO of Quorum in May of 2014, putting him at the top of one of the rising stars in disaster recovery.  During his time at NetApp, a pioneer in the field, Sharp worked in nearly every division in the company, before focusing on new product development.  Sharp was a key player in many of NetApp’s biggest innovations in recent years.

As CEO of Quorum, we’re expecting to see him shake things up, and start introducing major new innovations.  Keep an eye on Quorum, they may be shaking things up soon.

Vineet Jain, Founder and CEO, Egnyte

Vineet Jain has an interesting take on the hybrid cloud market, focusing specifically on cloud file storage systems that are aimed specifically at big-business needs.  Most cloud file systems are either insecure, or slow and difficult to use.  Jain created Egnyte specifically to deal with this.  It’s currently among the smoothest cloud collaboration systems on the market, while maintaining enterprise-grade security.

Jain himself, an immigrant, has recently become a rising star on the talk and convention circuit.  He’s brought radical new ideas to America, and he’s sure to say interesting things in the years to come.

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