Effective of July 1, 2017, Business Intelligence 101 has finalized their agreement with NeoCloud. This agreement brings their Microsoft, Google, Mimecast and many other clients under the guidance of NeoCloud’s expertise. NeoCloud is a leading provider of managed cloud solutions designed to help businesses be more secure, reliable and efficient.

Business Intelligence 101 first announced the pending partnership on June 5, 2017 in this blog post and continues to fully endorse the professional capabilities of NeoCloud’s team. Business Intelligence 101 CEO, Kevin Lalor said, “As our cloud business has evolved here at Business Intelligence 101, we have continued to look for ways to offer all of our customers superior service and support. By establishing this strategic dealer agreement with NeoCloud, Bi101’s customers will have a world class support organization at their service.”

Business Intelligence 101 first starting helping clients with their software needs in 2004. The industry and the customer has made many revolutions since then, including the dominance of Saas (Software as a Service), cloud email, and offsite hosting for infrastructure. For thirteen years Business Intelligence 101 served many software needs with an unparalleled enthusiasm in the marketplace. No other company boasted such a wealth of knowledge while maintaining the size of a boutique firm.

NeoCloud emerged in the industry as a group to watch and a great ally to Business Intelligence 101. Through the trust and friendship of both CEOs an agreement has been reached that truly serves the customer’s best interest.

The team at NeoCloud doubled in headcount in 2016 and has higher growth targets for 2017. NeoCloud’s CEO, Van Murray has a bright vision of the future and is excited to continue growing NeoCloud into a leader in cloud innovation. Said Murray, “As we look to the horizon, we understand that the customer is first. No company can truly grow without the support and trust of its customers. We have great respect for the work that Business Intelligence 101 has done and are honored to be leading their customers forward today. Through time and commitment we look forward to helping each company become more secure, reliable and efficient.”

For questions please refer to the contacts below:

Cloud Service Partners, Inc. DBA NeoCloud
3128 Highwoods Blvd, Suite 140, Raleigh, NC 27604

Billing: ap@neocloud.com
Sales: sales@neocloud.com
Technical: support@neocloud.com
General: hello@neocloud.com

About NeoCloud:
NeoCloud provides enterprise-class cloud services and solutions to organizations nationwide helping them transform the way they work. As a privately-held leader in cloud computing solutions, NeoCloud is a partner of leading cloud providers, including Microsoft and Google. Together, we deliver expert consultation, cloud migration and support, managed services as well as user adoption and training services to over 1,000 customers and 100,000 users. NeoCloud has developed a proprietary process and platform and employs some of the most experienced certified professionals providing an exceptional experience to our clients.