“Our invoicing takes hours instead of days,” Lisa Reed, Iter8

Iter8 chose Business Intelligence 101 (Bi101) and NetSuite ERP/OpenAir to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their billing for professional serves.


Iter8 is a software company with a professional services organization in North America with 50 employees of which half are billable. Iter8 works with P&C insurance carriers to develop solutions to completely integrate independent agents, policy holders and third-party service providers with carrier systems and solutions. Ranging from agent and consumer portals to AMS upload and download, to data management and regulatory statistical reporting solutions, iter8 is the leading software solutions provider.


Iter8 had been using QuickBooks for their financials, Timeledger for Timesheet & Expense entry and BeMo hosted by Microsoft Project Server for project planning purposes.  According to Lisa Reed at Iter8 “None of these solutions talked to each other and semi-monthly billing routine involved multiple spreadsheets and took over ten days to get invoicing finalized.”


Lisa Reed contacted Business Intelligence 101, the leading NetSuite partner in North America. “We did a complete evaluation of Iter8’s current systems and ultimately recommended NetSuite ERP and OpenAir,” said Kevin Lalor, CEO of Bi101.  “This all-in-one solution would replace the three applications Iter8 had in place,” according to Lalor.

Lalor continues “NetSuite OpenAir delivers stronger, timelier and more accurate reporting, and flexible project management capabilities to support Iter8’s client engagements. Integration with NetSuite ERP has automated key billing and invoicing activities. NetSuite also enables Iter8 to test new features before putting them into practice. With greater control and visibility, Iter8 is able to focus on delivering the highest level of customer success and helping organizations maximize return on investment instead of spending time managing spreadsheets.”


With the help of Bi101, Iter8 was able to go live within 6 weeks of their NetSuite purchase. Currently there are 10 users of NetSuite ERP- 5 sales, 2 accounting and 3 executives. NetSuite now allows them to have a full view of company-wide activities from initial lead all the way to revenue recognition. In addition, Iter8 has 55 users of OpenAir.  “The addition of OpenAir has given me the confidence that all our clients are being billed for billable expenses in a timely manner,” said Reed.  “And the best part about it is that our invoicing routine takes just hours instead of days!”

According to Reed, “We’re pleased with Bi101’s recommendation and implementation advice. After year one we have upgraded NetSuite to the Mid-Market level package because we’re running more efficiently we have put our profits to work and plan for growth.”