We invite you to join us Tuesday, April 15 to learn about backup and disaster recovery technology in the cloud with our partner, Quorum. We are hosting a lunch and learn at Lark Creek at 11:30am.

In case you’re not absolutely sure your backup and recovery technology is up to snuff against anything Mother Nature (or human error) throws at you, find out why Quorum is the one-click backup, instant disaster recovery and business continuity solution to help you simplify your job and give you real peace of mind.

Advantages of Quorum:

  • Backs up your servers, not just your data
  • Tests your recovery solution daily
  • Backs up to remotes appliances and the cloud
  • Provides one-click recovery in just minutes
  • Easy to use console from desktop, tablet or phone

Hardware failure is the number one cause of company downtime. See you there!

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