To Our Postini Customers:

Thank you for your ongoing confidence and support of Bi101 and Google. You may have heard the news about changes at Google regarding the email security applications currently known as Postini.

The news is very good. In late 2013, Google will begin migrating all the current Postini services onto the Google Apps platform.

The  key messages I want to communicate to you are as follows:

1. Your company will NOT be required to move to gmail.
2. You will continue to have the same (or better) message security functionality as you have today.
3. There will be no change to your current contract price.
4. There is no action you need to take at this time. Just be aware that changes are coming.

As we approach Q3 of 2013, we will be contacting you about you migration and/or reviewing your alternative options. After your migration you will have the opportunity to enable any or all the features of Google Apps at no cost for an extended trial period.

Expect to be hearing from us in the coming months as we prepare for the transition in the second half of 2013. In the meantime, you can view the official announcement, find FAQs, view a video, and see a feature roadmap in the Postini Help Center. You can also find out more about Google Apps for Business and Google Apps Vault at Bi101 or the Google Apps site.

If you need additional assistance after reading the FAQ, please contact your account manager or