The industry is changing. Email is moving to the cloud and the natural question that Exchange Administrators are asking themselves is: where do I fit into the new world? Admins who manage on-premise exchange servers like Exchange 2010 have at least some reason to be concerned – cloud-based email and other software services are more convenient, more accessible, and often more secure than managing an in-house server infrastructure. But just because the nature of the role is changing doesn’t mean Exchange Administrators themselves are becoming obsolete.  Bi101 is here to help broaden Administrator skill sets so that they can deal with a wider range of issues. We’re not here to replace your Exchange Administrator – we’re here to help them (and your entire company) through challenging transitions and to provide the training and services to help Admins adapt.


Microsoft has said they will support Exchange 2013 until 2022 and Exchange 2016, due out this year, until 2025. This support also applies to some hybrid deployments (part cloud, part on premise server solutions) so the option to stick with Exchange is enticing but ultimately a band-aid solution. Why not take this chance to stay ahead of the curve and move your company to the cloud now? Your company and your employees will be forced to adapt regardless so why not arm them with the absolute best tech solutions as soon as possible?

Migrating to the cloud is a complex, multi-step process and we are the experts you need. Completing this transition means reconfiguring networks to accommodate data transfer, scheduling mailbox migrations, and synchronizing various directories to ensure a smooth changeover. Thorough knowledge and experience with migrations plus a keen understanding of exactly which tools will best suit your specific situation are called for – this is where we step in.

Bi101 provides support to your local Exchange Administrator so that the transition goes as smoothly as possible and so that your existing team is better equipped to deal with any and all challenges going forward. We do this by providing a customized action plan developed with your team’s input and advice and that caters to your business’s specific structure and needs. Our goal is to empower your employees to understand as much as possible about the benefits of cloud-computing so that your company can begin reaping rewards instantly after the switch. This means an immediate boost to office productivity as well as happier, more efficient employees.

The cloud offers easier access and collaboration as well as more security for your company’s data assets (including email and all associated attachments). With all-in-one services like Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 you get automatic data backups and best-in-industry data protection. With on-premise servers you get shrinking software support for products like Exchange 2010, slower speeds, and a more temperamental system forming the backbone of your company. Your data assets are the most important part of your business – leaving them unsecured or losing access to them even briefly is a risk you can no longer afford to take.

The growing impact of cloud-based software cannot be denied, but Exchange Administrators need not be afraid of the trend. Migration to the cloud means your Administrator can spend less time managing an on-premise server and more time solving important technical issues that arise at the office. As more and more businesses switch away from on-premise systems and migrate to the cloud the role of the Exchange Administrator must evolve along with the industry. A diversified understanding of the options is the best way to keep yourself ahead of the curve and we’re here to provide you with that understanding.

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