Our mission is to eliminate the pain of computer infrastructure and enable the gain of efficiency, mobility & innovation. In this spirit, the Bi101 team wants you to sign up for and use Google Apps as simple and clear as possible.

Starting this month, companies on an Enterprise Agreement can switch to Google Apps and not start paying until your current agreement expires. If you have a qualifying contract with another vendor, you can use Google Apps for up to 3,000 employees at no charge until your old agreement expires. Bi101 team can help you make this change. You can start using Google Apps today and your bill could go down by as much as 70%. We’ll also cover your deployment cost for up to $25 per person for the $50 standard Google Apps license cost for implementation service. At the end of the day, we want to help your business work the way you choose and billed what’s next.   

Email us at sales@bi101.com to learn more about Bi101’s Google Apps special offer.