Google Apps Desktop Features

If you are responsible for rolling out new applications to your staff, you likely appreciate any tool or tip that will help them make the transition smoothly. While Google Apps has proven to be intuitive to use, it is still going to be a new experience and environment for someone who is used to a desktop email application like Microsoft Outlook.

So we put together the video below to highlight a one feature of Google Apps for Business – “Google Apps Desktop Features” – that will help your Microsoft Exchange / Outlook users feel right at home — desktop icons to launch streamlined versions of Gmail, Calendar, and Google Drive.

Instructions are included in the video below. If you have any questions, just post a comment and we’ll be sure to help out.


  • Learn how to activate “Google Apps Desktop Features”
  • See how your users will be able to launch Gmail, Calendar, and Drive from desktop icons
  • Help your users make the transition from desktop email to Google Apps!

You can read more about this feature on the Google Apps Support Site

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