Why does nearly every business organize itself into office(s)? The reason is simple – companies benefit from direct employee collaboration. The more your business can leverage the power of teams, the more innovative and successful your business will ultimately be.

Teams everywhere are looking for easier and better ways to collaborate and more and more are turning to Google Apps as their solution. Google Apps offers a simple, secure, and effective platform for teams to communicate and collaborate no matter where they are or within what industry they’re working. If team collaboration is key to the growth of your business, a switch to Google Apps could be the secret weapon you’ve been dreaming about.


Modern businesses understand that the office is no longer the only place work gets done. Google Apps allows teams to collaborate on and edit documents in real time and from any location. They make it simple to access your email and document data via web, tablet, or mobile. Regardless of geography, team collaboration through Google Apps means your team just got a lot closer.

It’s not just where we work that’s changing; it’s also how we work – employees everywhere are using new tools and new devices to get work done. By using Google Drive (a part of the Google Apps package) you not only get one secure, central location for employees to access documetns – you also get a full suite of web applications all designed for team collaboration. Create, edit, and share calendars, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with the push of a button. The alternative of using an on-premise server and emailing document versions around the office is extremely inefficient and now, unnecessary. Managing the ups and downs of an exchange server and ensuring the protection of your stored data is a hassle that businesses simply don’t have to spend time or money on anymore. Switching to Google Apps for business means consistent professional data backups and best-in-industry security measures – plus you have the option of unlimited file storage!

Google Apps is a platform built for team collaboration. With the switch you’ll also get Google’s video-conferencing software (Hangouts). This means that your team can meet to discuss a project no matter where they are. For document collaboration, what used to take hundreds of emails can now be easily consolidated into one shared and editable document on Google Drive. You can even share folders and documents with team members who aren’t on Google themselves since everything works smoothly via email.

If you’ve got a team spread throughout the world or just a project that requires a bit of creative brainstorming Google Apps is a perfect fit. Use Hangouts to get together, talk, chat, or share your screens, then use a live-updating shared Google document to take notes, record new ideas, or to make a list of action items. And of course you’ll be directly connected to the awesome power of the Google search engine if you have any questions that the internet can help answer. These days your employees are not only dealing with more data – they are dealing with it on the go. Google Apps is built for the increasingly mobile workforce. It allows you to keep everything your team is working on in a central and safe location that all can access or edit at anytime. This software is guaranteed to accelerate your team collaboration efforts. Can your on-premise server do that?

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