Google Message Security & Compliance Solutions (Postini) platform will be transitioned into the Google Apps interface in 2013.  This includes Google Message Security (GMS), and Google Message Discovery (GMD). The changes will be rolled out to customers based on their subscription renewal date. If you are a Postini customer, you can remain with Google Message Security & Compliance Solutions (Postini), and be transitioned into the Google Apps platform, with no action required on your part. If you are hesitant to move to Google Apps, you can work with Business Intelligence 101 to migrate to an alternative solution.

Regardless of what you choose to do, there are security and compliance measures you should take to continue protecting your data, and keeping your organization moving forward. So what should you look for in an alternative to Postini?

Web and email archiving. Any service you choose as a Postini alternative should have robust archiving abilities. You should be able to access anything, anywhere, any time. Archiving protects both employees and the company. Check out McAfee SaaS Email Archiving.

Email encryption. Postini alternatives should provide a strong email encryption component. Email Encryption safeguards your confidential data and mitigates the risk of substantial fines and severe business losses. A good email encryption feature should offer easy administration through a web-based control console, and a host of convenient and intuitive ways to send, receive, and view encrypted email. Check out McAfee SaaS Email Encryption.

Spam quarantine report. An important feature of any email protection service is the ability to view certain suspect spam messages before they are permanently filtered. Sometimes important messages get caught in spam filters. Whatever Postini alternative security service you plan to use should send daily Spam Quarantine Reports to your employees email inbox, containing those suspect email messages. These Spam Quarantine Reports will enable your employees to more easily and conveniently manage spam by safely viewing the messages that have been quarantined and providing options for how they would like the messages handled in the future. Check out McAfee SaaS Email Protection and McAfee SaaS Email Inbound Filtering.

Message continuity. What happens to email in the event that a server goes down? Can you continue to work and collaborate as if nothing has happened, or does business come to a standstill? Message Continuity is a feature of your email defense that enables your end users to continue accessing their email even in the event of a server outage through a web-based interface. Check out McAfee SaaS Email Continuity.

We have researched and tested multiple options for Postini alternatives. The clear winner has been McAfee. And we are proud to announce our new partnership with them. We will be working with McAfee to provide message security and compliance alternatives to Postini customers who do not want to transition into Google Apps. McAfee SaaS offers web and email archiving, email encryption, spam quarantine reports and additional spam control for Outlook (free here), and message continuity. If you have any questions please email us at, call us at (925) 215-4645, or explore the power of Business Intelligence 101 and McAfee collaboration on our website.

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