What exactly is Modelworks and why is Bi101’s signature approach the best way to improve your bottom line? The reason is simple – better planning equals better execution every time. We’re the planning and execution experts and we want your business to take advantage of the most up-to-date technological solutions in a way that works for you. That’s why we implement Saas with our Modelworks approach. Modelworks is Business Intelligence 101’s process of simulating your key business processes and involving stakeholders at an early stage in order to ensure complete buy-in and a smooth transition. Let’s take a deeper look at why Modelworks is the answer to your company’s complex software implementation by first looking at your company’s transition without it.

Modern companies are using a large variety of different online tools to get things done – from collaboration and sharing to email and chat services. For any given project you might find yourself using slack, jira, dropbox, and netsuite to serve different strategic functions and to help the team collaborate. Then your team decides to make the switch to Google Apps. It sounds like the one login solution you’ve been dreaming of, and cloud-company XYZ can help get you the basic setup. Your CEO’s expectation is top-notch organization and an immediate increase in productivity because Google is known for great products and service. It’s your job to deliver – then you hit a bump. Maybe there’s a security problem with your company sign in – the password is saved on a laptop with minimal security and so losing the laptop means suffering a major security breach for your one login solution. Or maybe it’s a small configuration error that allows all employees to see the subject of confidential meetings regardless of their invite status. Regardless, because of the high expectations and subpar execution the plan to switch to Google Apps is cancelled before it can really begin. Where exactly did you go wrong?

Like it or not, a software implementation at this level is a complex and subtle process. There are pitfalls to avoid and it begins with better planning and iterative process design. Modelworks is designed to emphasize the pre-transition stage – to anticipate any potential roadblocks or glitches before they happen by creating models of your actual business processes. The models run, we identify any problems, and we adjust our plan accordingly before moving forward with the official changeover. At the same ModelWorks is about working with the primary stakeholders throughout the process, allowing them to test and experience incremental software changes along the way to help ensure success and readiness. The end result is an execution that is as smooth as can be.


A typical software implementation has an unfortunate side-product that no one likes to talk about – a significant dip in productivity while your employees adjust to their new surroundings and while the kinks in the system get worked out over time. With ModelWorks conceptualization and iterative modeling – we minimize inefficiencies and ensure that your team hits the ground running immediately. This method is what makes Bi101 the best in the business. We don’t know everything that your business needs at a glance – instead we take the time to learn before plotting your roadmap for change. ModelWorks means we not only understand your business conceptually but build models to analyze various possible outcomes and advise your team based on the results. It integrates all your departments into one solution, reduces overall project risk, and ensures user buy-in before the launch. It’s what we do, and we do it well.

Still not convinced that ModelWorks is the best possible way to plan and execute your company’s software implementation? Watch our implementation modeling approach here, or please reach out anytime for a free consultation at 866-552-4101.

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