In offices today communication has changed – emails fly back and forth faster than ever and teams need to stay on top of the ongoing conversation in order to meaningfully contribute and to get things done. It’s estimated that 50% of the average employee’s work requires collaboration, yet studies also show that nearly 80% of those employees are ineffective at collaborating. One technology that’s helping teams work together more effectively is online document collaboration.
online collaboration accelerate companyBy collaborating live on documents, your office will see an increase in efficiency and an improvement in employee collaboration.

Online collaboration also eliminates versioning – the hassle and confusion of multiple documents is now a thing of the past. When shared documents update live  there’s little to no chance of two employees doing the same work at the same time and everyone on the team stays consistently up-to-date on the project’s progress.

“Bi101 matched my vision and my goals. My employees are better able to collaborate communicate, and work on the go with our implementation of Google Apps,” said Adam Lavine, CEO of FunMobility.

Online document collaboration software like Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365’s One Drive are changing the way the world does business. The cloud-computing industry, driven in part by these market-leading online collaboration tools, is predicted to reach 9 billion dollars by 2016. How can your your business take advantage of this shift?

The potential benefits to an internal project team are tremendous. Multiple users can edit documents, spreadsheets, or slide presentations simultaneously. Teams can communicate via chat while they are within the documents themselves and can track all changes, make editing suggestions, or leave detailed comments on specific sections in order to begin a new discussion. Online collaboration empowers teams to share task lists and to creatively problem solve on a whole new level – and with constant auto-saving and automatic live updates no time or efforts goes to waste.

Accessibility is everything – with online document collaboration you can easily access your shared drive from anywhere at any time and get only the most up-to-date version. Both Microsoft’s One Drive and Google Drive have apps for mobile and tablet so you’re never stuck without the latest project information.

“We use Google Docs to manage & share our production scheduling dynamically. The entire company can see what’s on our schedule and plan more accurately as a result. This helps us better communicate internally and with our customers,” said Heather Clauss, Free Flow Wines.

It’s easy to share and link clients to project documentation via email or chat. Each time your client clicks the link, the absolute latest version gets loaded.

Concerned about losing something precious? Google Drive and Microsoft’s One Drive both backup all of your document versions automatically – so that if you ever need to you can quickly restore an older version of the document and get back the material you accidentally deleted.

The bottom line is that online collaboration is a great way to accelerate your team’s productivity and save your business time and money. It fosters a better, more effective team environment – one that you can use to get your company moving even faster.

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