Businesses are always looking for better solutions – ways to optimize productivity, reduce cost, and promote collaboration. To help do this more and more companies worldwide are looking to cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. The move to cloud-computing is a fast-spreading business trend and the globalization of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps is a particular indication of what modern companies are looking for from these solutions. These two market leaders provide the data accessibility, protection, and collaboration within an all-in-one package along with the amazing support and software integration necessary to take full advantage of the new technology right away.

As the popularity of cloud-computing continues to increase, businesses worldwide will have to choose sides and decide which of these solutions works best for them. The alternative to cloud-based email and data storage services is typically an on-premise exchange server – one that needs consistent attention and can hobble businesses (at least briefly) if things ever go awry. Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps offer all-in-one, scalable solutions for your business with a trusted support system to backup your data assets and to weather nearly any emergency. Wondering what specific trends are pushing the globalization of Microsoft and Google as key cloud solutions? We’ll tell you.

Both Microsoft and Google are innovating consistently in order to maintain cloud-computing market share and to capture more value in the global economy. Several important business trends are driving this innovation, among them the rise of the thin client computer, a strong focus on video-conferencing, and the availability of cloud storage.


An increasingly mobile and global workforce across nearly every industry means a strong focus on videoconferencing software in the modern office. Google and Microsoft have each designed their own video conferencing software for business and continue to innovate easier and better ways for business clients to use it as a collaborative communication tool. While Google continues to focus on and innovate its own app Hangouts, Microsoft has recently announced that Skype for business will very soon come standard for Office 365 clients. As cloud-based video-conferencing becomes smoother and easier for teams to use, the globalization of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps will continue.

Cloud storage is another key emerging issue for industries choosing between the two software giants. As storage prices plummet, the amount of data stored in the cloud increases dramatically. Storing and securing sensitive corporate data – in particular ensuring compliance with industry-specific legal regulations – is a key reason for businesses to migrate to the cloud in the first place. Microsoft and Google each offer significant amounts of free storage as incentive to customers and the need for more and more storage is part of what is driving the globalization of these products. Once your data is in the cloud, your company already most of the way towards working from the cloud.

The bottom line is that from the largest Fortune 500 multinationals to the smallest, leanest of start ups and SMBs – businesses everywhere are taking part in the globalization of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. That’s simply because no matter what the size and scope of your organization you need communication and document-sharing that works and you need it to be scalable. These cloud options offer value to industries and businesses everywhere.