Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite, which aims to bridge the difficulties found both in managing mobile apps and keeping them secure, is trying to give business leaders and IT departments a few more reasons to consider tackling security and agility in one fell swoop. They’re also asking managers put some more thoughts into the “permission slips” they do—and don’t—offer to their employees.

When it comes to security, most IT managers want to keep mobile devices close to home base as possible. It makes management easier, but it also prevents everyday employees from taking advantage of the inspiration around them, and hinders work-life balance. With Enterprise Mobility Suite, IT managers can deliver Office mobile apps to help employees work from anywhere, with all the security and collaborative tools they need.

On the other side, employees constantly worry about their company-issued device. They don’t want to misplace it, considering the sensitive corporate data it holds. They don’t want to have to come back to IT with news that a new device needs to be set up, since it adds cost and overhead. Business leaders can help ease that anxiety with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite, which encrypts all data between devices, and allows IT managers to remove data remotely, even when a device is stolen.

Key employees want a consistent, powerful experience when they use their mobile productivity apps. They want something that looks good and works well, and keeps them from having to worry too much about the technical details, like how to keep corporate data safe. Multiple-point mobility products reduce the pace of productivity and innovation—it’s now possible to get an integrated mobility management solution that gives more freedom while protecting the information that makes a business unique.

Want to learn more about how you can tackle security and agility in one fell swoop, and give your key employees permission to get work done on terms that work best for them? The Innovator’s Guide to Uncompromised Freedom is your ticket to faster innovation built on top of superior IT.