The office is great for many things, such as getting everyone in the same space and hashing out details of a new project, or establishing the kind of rapport that helps coworkers collaborate better, but it’s also a confining, productivity-killing atmosphere for many. But many employees don’t work at their peak efficiency

In an industry where efficiency and utilization is everything, we encourage our customers to think more about how they can enable their employees to find the workplace situations that help them work their best. A little investment in the beginning can equate not only to happier employees, but people who work harder during their workweek.

There’s no denying that workplaces are going mobile—according to a recent study from Citrix, 61 percent of workers are working outside the office at least part of the time, and they’re using three or more devices every day to get their work done. On top of that, an IDC study predicts that by 2020, mobile workers will be around 72 percent of the total U.S. workforce.

According to statistics from Global Workplace Analytics, businesses that let employees work from home or remotely at least three times a month were more likely to log revenue growth of at least 10 percent compared to companies that keep employees in the office. How does that happen? 82 percent of those who work from home found that their stress levels were reduced, and 70 percent increased their productivity. Improved morale and fewer missed days of work contributed to overall efficiency, which equates to revenue.

In order to meet these challenges, and make sure that employees are better able to strike the right balance between work and life, companies should invest in the right technology to enable their employees to go mobile as needed—while keeping data safe. Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite is one solution to help companies ensure that not only can their employees get as mobile as they need to in order to be most efficient, but also can do so without worrying for a single second about encryption, security, partitioning, or any other technical hurdles. Leave it to the IT team. Leave it to Microsoft.

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