One challenge with any new IT deployment is training existing employees to use the new system as effectively as the old system. When people are forced to change their habits, businesses can see a dip in productivity. Businesses that can speed up that process and ensure complete onboarding will minimize that slow period and reduce the risk of user error. Now, Office 365 training has been made easier thanks to new standardized guides from Microsoft.

Demystifying Office 365 training

A solid training and onboarding program relies upon standardized methods of training employees so that they’re all on the same page about new features and workflows. Having an ad-hoc system or simply letting employees “learn on their feet” is a recipe for inconsistent and inefficient processes.

To help companies better standardize their Office 365 training, Microsoft has released a series of roadmaps for its key products—Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Access, plus one for Office 365 as a whole. These guides will help companies ensure that every employee is working from the same pool of knowledge moving forward.

Each of the elements in the downloadable PDFs link directly to a Microsoft resource that explains how the process is completed so that employees can learn easily and without interruption.

Tracking Office 365 training is made easier with, for example, this Word training roadmap.

Tracking Office 365 training is made easier with, for example, this Word training roadmap.

These new roadmaps have arrived on top of existing-but-expanded Quick Start Guides for all of the Office 365 applications, including Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, and more. Quick Start Guides mostly come in the form of short, informative videos, but Microsoft has also created some downloadable (and printable) PDFs for Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.

Taking the next steps

When engaging in Office 365 training, our first recommendation would be to print off copies of these PDFs for every employee who is going to be engaging with the system. These can perform as paper checklists for employees to see, at a glance, where their training stands (and so can managers). The digital PDFs should be supplied as well to simplify the process of discovering individual resources for each training item.

An example page from an Office 365 training guide on Excel.

An example page from an Office 365 training guide on Excel.

Once everyone has the basics down, you can move into some of the more complex resources that Microsoft has made available through their Office Training Center. There, you’ll understand how to take the standardized processes to new levels with stronger communication and collaboration.

Of course, partnering with a managed service provider like Bi101 provides a number of training-related benefits as well. We help onboard all our clients onto their new platform, and work tirelessly to ensure that no one is left in the dark. We also pride ourselves on being an organization that “drinks our own champagne”—we run our own business on the same cloud platforms that we deliver to our customers, so we’ve seen just about everything. We love being a go-to resource for our customers.

To take your first steps into Office 365, take a look at the benefits it provides to companies of all types. Or, take a look into how one of our best clients migrated to the Office 365 cloud and discover new possibilities, plus gain insight into how your own business might take that critical first step.

When you’re ready, get in touch and we’ll get you started on your way.