Bi101 offers the Cloud Readiness Score to your business. Respondents can use this score to calculate their company’s cloud readiness compared to other organizations. Scores can range from a low of 200 to a high of 1000. The higher the score the more likely your organization will be able to benefit from cloud computing.

Experts in Cloud Technology, Bi101 has built a strong reputation in cloud collaboration, financials, identity and access management, and security and compliance solutions for hundreds of companies around the world. The company has leveraged its well-developed customer base and real-world management experience to develop this proprietary scoring technique and is excited to introduce it to the business community.

“We continuously track the industry in order to bring our clients the best options available,” said Kevin Lalor, President of Bi101. “We strongly believe in Cloud technology but equally understand that each company’s cloud needs are unique.  “Bi101’s Cloud Readiness Score will  give companies a sense of what area of the business, if any, should make the transition to the cloud.”

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