The experts at Bi101 are here to help!  Whether you choose NetSuite, the fastest growing ERP system that integrates well with other cloud and on-premises systems or Accounts IQ, a smaller but equally good solution for some clients, we will take you through a painless and successful deployment process.  Deployment used to be very disruptive to an organization, especially aggravating to IT.  With Bi101 as your partner, you don’t have to worry.  Our experts guide you through a formalized implementation process that alleviates the IT headache.

Bi101 has delivered full implementation in just a few weeks.  By having a clear understanding of your goals and needs, we can make sure the transition runs on-time and delivers on your expectations.

When we kick off the project, we will provide a project manager who will create a timeline to manage your project.  It is our goal for you to have an easy transition because we know it’s business-as-usual for you while you make the move.

The best way to start is to meet with the key internal decision makers to make sure there is agreement on your specific business processes.  During implementation we will work with you to determine areas where the system can adapt to your current processes or see opportunities to improve your existing processes using industry best practices.

From there we’ll work to configure your company profile. We’ll help you select process work flows and data templates. This is where we can can use the process analyses and user requirements we’ve already developed during the selection process to guide your choices. Using a cloud based ERP system puts you in the driver’s seat to tailor work flows, data fields, transaction definitions, invoices, report formats, and much more to precisely match your business or apply best practices.

We then move on to the task of uploading your existing data into templates for things like your chart of accounts, customers, vendors, projects, items, and general ledger balances. For reporting, a key component of any deployment – you can choose from multiple pre-built reports and dashboards based on the best practice implementations of your peers. You can also easily customize and create your own reports, dashboards and analyses using our powerful reporting and analysis tools. You can even combine financial and operational data in reports and dashboards, allowing you to compare an unlimited number of actual, budget, and forecast scenarios for incredible business insight.

Now comes an important item – train your team!  We can’t stress enough the value of taking the time to help every participant become familiar and comfortable with your new financial applications.  We offer extensive training to fit every learning style and schedule – whether that’s live, online instructor-led training, or self-paced training through on-demand webinars and podcasts. You can talk to our trained consultants about customized education programs to meet the specific needs of your organization.  See, it’s as easy as 1,2,3!  Contact Bi101 to get started today!

If we have touched on an issue you are struggling with but you need more help, you may want to take advantage of a complimentary consultation with one of our experts.  No pressure, just help – click on the “schedule appointment” button below to set up a time to talk.


Kevin Lalor
President & Founder