At Bi101 we are the B2B Software Services experts. Our business is about helping other businesses find and implement the software solutions that will increase productivity and bring them more success. We’ve helped companies big, small, and across all industries navigate what can be a intimidating but ultimately rewarding transition to new software platforms. We do this by providing expert consultation on a company’s specific software needs, technical guidance and training throughout the software transition, and high-touch client support after the migration. Understanding and then meeting the specific needs of our clients is the top priority.

When you reach out to Bi101 we first offer free consultation services. The best way we can help you is by knowing more about your business – that way we can offer customized recommendations for best fit solutions that will take your company to the next level. For example when Iter8, a software company working with P&C insurance carriers to develop integrative solutions for independent agents, policyholders, and service providers gave us a call we first wanted to know about the nature of the issues they were facing. Iter8 had been using QuickBooks for their financials, Timeledger for Timesheet & Expense entry, and BeMo hosted by Microsoft Project Server for project-planning purposes. The problem was that none of these solutions “talked to each other” and their billing protocols involved multiple spreadsheets that took far too long to complete each month. Bi101’s recommendation was a move to NetSuite ERP and OpenAir – an all-in-one solution that would effectively replace the three applications Iter8 was currently using and reduce the time it took to prepare the books by collating all the data automatically into timely reports. Six weeks later Iter8 went live with NetSuite and they are now running more efficiently than ever thanks to the great recommendation and support!


After we assess and recommend a best fit software solution for our clients the next step is implementation. Bi101 is available to help companies through what can be a daunting transition and can address any technical issues quickly and effectively as they arise. Science Media, Inc, a tech startup incubator in Santa Monica, came to Bi101 for help when they realized they needed faster and more flexible collaboration software for their team. Managing an in-house Microsoft Exchange server was cumbersome and wasn’t covering all the needs of a fast-growing business. Science Media decided on a migration to Google Apps and Bi101 was there to help with the complex transition. Bi101 produced a highly-customized migration plan tailored to Science Media’s specific needs for data security and broad employee access. As a partner in the transition Bi101 ensured that all data was transferred securely from the previous host and that the staff had no service interruptions. Science Media described Bi101’s expert support as the “key to making our transition a success”

Last but not least, Bi101 provides employee training and post-migration technical support services. Training staff on new software is the key to an effective implementation. Funmobility, a digital marketing firm, approached Bi101 about a migration to Google Apps and after helping them through the migration itself we were there to help their office get over a daunting learning curve for new software and to keep daily operations running smoothly. FunMobility’s transition was quick and painless as a result – and if issues come up they know that Bi101’s support services are only a phone call away. We remain trusted partners after our software migrations so that we’re there to help deal with any challenges that may appear down the road.

Don’t worry – the B2B Software Services experts are here. We help businesses increase efficiency through better software solutions and a smooth implementation process that means your company can take full advantage of the new technological productivity.