When we prepare for a difficult migration we like to have a detailed plan in place – one that is tailored to your business so that you can reap the most immediate rewards possible. In order to handle these transitions in the best and most efficient way, we created a framework to help businesses through complex change. We call it, Modelworks and in using it the team at Bi101 will get to know your business as well as to brainstorm and simulate some of your key processes in order to recommend you the best possible customized solution. After that we design a specifically tailored implementation and training plan to ensure that everything comes together. The goal is not only to provide you with the best solutions to fit your business but to plan and execute the transition with as little disruption as possible. The absolute best way we can help your business soar is by getting to know your specific needs, supporting you through the migration process, and ensuring that your employees are ready to hit the ground running after it’s all over.


Modelworks is a set of guiding principles for Bi101 – at its core its a software implementation plan but in practice it’s all you need to know about the way we provide amazing service to our clients. We are experts in software protocols and complex transition procedures of all kinds – the real question is: which ones are the perfect fit for you? In order to help you determine this, we look carefully at your current business model and SOPs. We analyze where your highest potential for inefficiencies are and only then do our consultants make a formal recommendation. Here at Bi101 we realize that off-the-shelf solutions won’t always do 100% of what you need done – so we look at your business processes and make complex, tailored recommendations which may include more than one software change. In order to do this we construct a model that validates your existing software and operational processes, assessing a range of variables in order to optimize how your office runs! Then we make recommendations and work with your team to decide on the best possible solution(s).

The next step is really the heart of what Modelworks is all about – the implementation plan. In order to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition we prepare a detailed software implementation plan for your company. We also take another close look at the new process with the new software solutions we’ve jointly determined to be optimal in order to revalidate your new workflow. All reports and any customizations are tested thoroughly as we lead your team through a tailored roadmap for the migration. Advanced and detailed planning means we typically avoid any interruptions in service and are able to predict and quickly solve any issues along the way. Our software implementation plan doesn’t end with the installation, however.


As we build the full software implementation model we are continuously documenting all procedures and creating a repository of training materials for your staff. We realize how important it is for your employees to be able to hit the ground running after a software change and we plan carefully so that your team is confident enough to start taking advantage of the changes immediately . This completes the official Modelworks framework – your consultation, planning, implementation, and training service providers at Bi101 are here to help you through this change. And just because the official implementation has ended doesn’t mean our service stops. We’ll remain a trusted partner going forward and our support staff will be available any time you need us, no matter what happens.

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