Are you ready for SuiteWorld, the No. 1 cloud ERP event of the year? Between April 24th and 27th, thousands of the world’s leading NetSuite partners, customers, and employees will be converging on Las Vegas to talk about the future of cloud ERP, revenue recognition, and how software and professional services businesses can get a handle on their financial picture.

If you’re already going, these tips just might help you maximize your time around the Strip. If you haven’t committed to checking out SuiteWorld at this point, maybe you’ll be won over!

1. Do some good by ‘hacking’

On Monday, April 24, teams of NetSuite developers, customers, and partners will be competing and collaborating on solutions that will benefit two NetSuite charter partners. Teams will be set up at the event based on the available skills and interests, and they’ll work throughout the day to develop and prototype custom solutions that aim to solve issues facing these charities.

Essentially, it’s a opportunity to experiment, meet fellow NetSuite users, and do some good while in Vegas! Registration is open now—winning teams have the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes, too.

2. Network with all types of NetSuite users

SuiteWorld isn’t all about businesses looking for a partner to help them implement NetSuite. For those those who already have a partner but just want to learn more, or for customers who are knee-deep in using NetSuite as part of their day-to-day workflows, there are numerous opportunities to network with other NetSuite users to learn best practices and share knowledge.

The User Group Lunch on Wednesday, April 26 will connect NetSuite power users, administrators, and developers to help share technical solutions. You just might meet someone who has the exact answer to a burning question.

For developers, there’s DEVLAND, where developers can show off their code or discover best practices directly from like-minded individuals.

3. Learn about NetSuite’s big picture

Every year, there’s an opportunity to hear directly from NetSuite’s key players. We find that it’s always an exciting opportunity to learn more about what NetSuite hopes to do in the years to come.

NetSuite's Suiteworld will feature some of the company's brightest minds.

This year, we’ll be able to hear from some of NetSuite’s brightest minds:

  • Jim McGeever, executive vice president, Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit; between 2000 and 2010, he was NetSuite’s CFO, and then became the COO.
  • Evan Goldberg, executive vice president of development; Goldberg was the CTO and chairman of NetSuite’s board prior to Oracle’s acquisition.
  • Jason Maynard, senior vice president of strategy and marketing; he lead strategy, marketing, and corporate development for NetSuite.

Between new revenue recognition models, a complicated economy, and more regulations, we expect the conversations around cloud ERP—and everything else NetSuite is doing—to be particularly vibrant.

4. Attend informational sessions—but don’t overwhelm yourself

SuiteWorld 2017 will feature more than 175 sessions to choose from across an incredible breadth of topics. It’s certainly possible to completely fill your schedule with sessions, and many of them might be incredibly valuable to you and your business, but it’s also easy to overwhelm yourself.

To help keep you informed and organized, NetSuite will soon be releasing a mobile app that will allow attendees to search for sessions and help find room numbers. It’s not out yet, so stay tuned to the SuiteWorld website.

Just as Bi101’s company culture encourages a positive work-life balance, we always recommend that our own employees in attendance give themselves time to relax, see the sights, and process everything they’re learning and all the people they’re meeting. By incorporating some downtime into your schedule, you’ll be working at your best to turn insights into new opportunities for your business.

5. Get yourself a free pass

For those who haven’t yet decided that SuiteWorld is for them, what about a free pass? Bi101 is able to give out free passes to the expo and main tent sessions to prospective customers. It just might be the first step you need to take your business to the next level. Let us know about your interest and one of our consultants will be in touch.

Or, do you want to connect in person while we’re all in Vegas? We’re always happy to meet current clients and prospective customers. Get in touch and we’ll make sure to carve out some time for a conversation.

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