We’re just back from SuiteWorld 2012!

It was great to see many of our clients at SuiteWorld 2012! It was clear by looking at the crowd that NetSuite has experienced an explosion of growth. Not only was there record attendance but we are also seeing more partners, apps and add-ons than ever before.

NetSuite’s CEO, Zach Nelson, kicked off the event with his keynote address where he announced NetSuite “Commerce as a Service” (CaaS), a new solution that is enabling businesses to manage their transactions with consumers directly and with other businesses via a cloud platform that delivers a customer experience using any device right on NetSuite’s ERP/CRM business management system.

“Over the past decade, NetSuite has transformed how our customers operate their businesses internally. Over the next decade, NetSuite will transform how businesses operate with other businesses and with their customers through NetSuite Commerce as a Service. Our new NetSuite SuiteCommerce offering is at the heart of this transformation,” said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. “By transforming the NetSuite business application into a commerce-aware platform, we enable our customers to extend the richest set of cloud operational capabilities available anywhere directly to their customers, regardless of the device those customers are using – be it a smart phone, a tablet, a personal computer, a point-of-sale system, or touchpoints not yet developed.”

In addition to the E-Commerce announcement, NetSuite’s CTO, Evan Goldberg, explained how NetSuite continues to build its cloud services for software companies. “We are entering into the subscription economy,” he said. As such, NetSuite plans to roll out NetSuite Recurring Billing, which is intended to integrate CRM, ERP and e-commerce platforms for software companies that sell their services on a subscription basis.

“There’s a real tight integration of these parts,” of the enterprise, Goldberg said. “It’s simple power. It’s easy to use, but yet it has very flexible billing plans. It’s completely customizable.” Software companies that currently use NetSuite include Yammer, Square and Splunk, he said. Bi101 has many Software clients using NetSuite, including xMatters, Avatier, Sepialine and Iter8, to name a few.

Here at Bi101, we have have just completed migrating to NetSuite and we are developing our new website on the e-commerce platform so we can offer a rich B to C experience for our B to B customers. We’ll let you know when we launch our new website but what we’re excited about is having complete visibility into customer records from start to finish and providing the added-value customer support that is expected in today’s B to B environment.

If you missed SuiteWorld this year, be sure to mark your calendar for SuiteWorld 2013 in San Jose. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!