The confirmation bias is defined by Science Daily as “a tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions, leading to statistical errors.”  Granted, as a reseller of Netsuite’s OpenAir, it may be perceived that we only see the positive in the product and would only seek evidence to support our position.  However, this assumes that we are looking for evidence to confirm our decision.  At Bi101, we are not.  After performing numerous implementations of the product and using it ourselves as our own online project management software, we understand the “ins and outs” of the system and have no preconceptions left that would lead to “statistical errors.”

Below, we present three reasons (that we have confirmed from experience) why OpenAir is a product worth its return on investment:

OpenAir and NetSuite module components

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Reason 1:  Integrated Service Modules – All project-based businesses need to track information regarding project details, resource management, and expense calculations in order to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace.  Some keep this information on home grown systems or in complicated spreadsheets which are difficult to extract and integrate into a detail report over the entire business.  OpenAir’s project management software replaces these antiquated systems with integrated modules that incorporate project, resource, timesheet, and expense management tools. The integrated module centralizes all the various data points and feeds that data back out to the modules as needed.  Data remains synched and facilitates a 360 degree view into every corner of the business.

Reason 2:  On Demand Services – As we mentioned in our previous post on project management software, project teams have an insatiable need to collaborate with each other.  Communication is key when it comes to pulling off a successful project.  Besides providing a host of collaboration tools to facilitate communication, OpenAir is a cloud based project management software.  This means that it offers real time information to all appropriate users at any time of the day.  This allows teams to “spread across the globe” but continue to be “on the same page” in regard to the details of the project.  In the coming years, on demand services will become even more important as mobile engagement increases the demand for instant data.

Example of an OpenAir dashboard

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Reason 3:  Dashboards – OpenAir is the top project management software on the market today because it harnesses the integrated modules and on demand services to provide real time insights into project-based businesses via dashboards.  On the system, reporting is customizable to the needs of an individual manager, allowing them to track their own key performance indicators such as resources, costs, and margins.  These metrics are updated instantaneously as new information is added to the database.  This kind of real time business intelligence can deliver critical information on performance and lead to better tactical responses to both clients and competitors.

Awards won by OpenAir

At Bi101, if we were seeking evidence that OpenAir was the best online project management software, we wouldn’t have to look very far.  However, we are not seeking this kind of evidence because we have confirmed it for ourselves by using in our own company.  If you are interested in confirming it as well, please contact us to learn more.