April 14, 2014 — Business Intelligence 101 announced it has become a Google Apps for Business Authorized Enterprise Reseller in Silicon Valley. Known as an experienced cloud technology consultant company available to help with everything from the initial evaluation of Google Apps to implementation, training and support. They are trusted advisors specializing in the customization of Google Apps to meet clients’ exact needs.

“Becoming a Google Apps for Business Authorized Enterprise Reseller will help us enhance the value of Google Apps for users of B2B Software Companies in Silicon Valley,” said Kevin Lalor, CEO, Business Intelligence 101. “We have maintained our status as a Premier SMB Reseller of Google Apps for ten years. It’s a great opportunity for us to move up to Enterprise Resellers, because our expertise is growing with our customers. Yesterday’s startups are today’s large companies. We’re proud of the training and certifications the team has completed to make Enterprise our new reseller status.”

Business Intelligence 101 knows that Silicon Valley companies can benefit from the cloud, but they pride themselves in finding the best cloud solution and tailoring it to the users and the goals of the organizations. The cloud applications must be a seamless process in order for the company to be successful. The experts at Business Intelligence 101 understand how critical technology is and they know that many companies are burdened by IT challenges, which is why they take on the task of training and customer support, so companies can focus on their core business.

Silicon Valley companies are demanding a faster way of life and faster technology. This means mobility and reliability, of being able to work from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. No employee wants to be frustrated with issues of formatting and downtime. Lost productivity is not an option in today’s workforce. Technology that creates this is a bottleneck that soon becomes thrown out the window. Which is why so many companies are turning to a Silicon Valley Reseller of Google Apps.
“Everyone is going to cloud-based services and we had to as well to keep up with our own client and partner demands,” said Emmet Williams of FunMobility. “It seems as though every brand and operating system was represented on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) platform. Keeping up with the transference of documents from person to person, device to device was daunting. Edits were getting lost, revisions had to be made multiple times, and work was moving slower than it should have. The server would go down from time to time and it was difficult explaining the problem to employees and determining how long it would be before everything was up and running again.”

“The team at Bi101 was inspirational and led us to further our own professional advancement through technology,” Emmet Williams went on to state, “With each and every call our staff was always met with quick, conscientious and courteous replies, Bi101 understands that a technical partnership is built on a deep trust.”

Business Intelligence 101 looks forward to partnering with companies around Silicon Valley to optimize Google Apps. Being local provides peace of mind for Bi101 and the client. It’s a win-win. Call 866-552-4101 to speak to a Certified Deployment Specialist.

About Google Apps
Google Apps brings simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools to organizations of any size – all hosted by Google to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs.

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Business Intelligence 101 provides B2B software companies with an integrated suite of cloud-based tools. Giving companies a competitive edge and unlimited technology potential. Bi101 partners with the best cloud solution providers to make them a leader in the industry.