At its core, Business Intelligence 101 is a lifestyle-oriented team of professional cloud evangelists. We’re here for our customers, of course, but also our own people.

The best results are only possible if the people implementing them are happy, healthy, and satisfied. Long-term fulfillment is only possible through a balance between life and work, and so we offer our employees with a bevy of benefits—from paid time off to a central office location—to assist in that journey. We stay united as a team, maintain our integrity, and, yes, we “drink our own champagne.”

Our Lifestyle

Balancing life and work begins with flexibility. Our employees are able to adjust their schedule to achieve the right balance between being productive and doing what makes them happy. Overtime is the exception, rather than the expectation, and we offer a competitive PTO policy along with a progressive child leave policy for both biological and non-biological parents.

Our location, in the heart of downtown Livermore, California, places us outside the bustle of Silicon Valley. Here, we can be connected to the technology world while also allowing our employees to minimize their commute and maximize their personal time. Roughly an hour east of the Bay Area, Livermore offers a family-friendly community that’s steeped in history, going back to the Gold Rush and the original construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad.

Our Professionalism

If we’re professional to each other, we’ll be professional to our partners and customers—both internally and externally, we strive to maintain our integrity, accountability, diligence, perseverance, and discipline. Our office is outfitted with an open plan and the best technology to encourage communication and efficiency.

We don’t tolerate harassment of any kind, and we promote mutual respect among all employees, regardless of their position within the company.

We believe that if we’re united by our professionalism within our small community of co-workers and collaborators, we’ll be able to bring that same energy to customer interactions. If we haven’t lived up to that promise, let us know—if we’re not constantly improving our processes and our communications, we’re doing something wrong.

Our Team

We firmly believe that a united team is more successful than the sum of our individual efforts. Our open office in central Livermore allows all our employees to communicate in a non-hierarchical way—every opinion matters, and our suggestion drawer is always open.

We celebrate each other’s individual successes in order to remain in synchronization when delivering our best solutions to our customers.

Our Evangelism

It’s true—we drink our own champagne. We run our business on the same applications we provide to our customers, because we’re ambassadors to the cloud. We’re evangelists. We truly believe that the cloud will free our customers from the confines of IT, and our primary goal is to provide exactly the solution they require.

The Results

Happy employees equal happy customers. When our employees achieve the right work/life balance, they can operate most effectively and creatively to solve our customers’ problems, and when they are treated with respect within the workplace, they translate that professionalism to the outside world.

The cloud connects us all, no matter where we are or what we do. Even if our customers aren’t in Livermore, or California, or even the United States, we feel like they’re a part of our everyday operations. And because our culture unites us, as employees, it also unites us to our customers. If you haven’t yet joined us, get in touch. We’d love to show you around Livermore, or, at least, show you how the cloud can change your business.