We are evangelists. Evangelizing about the benefits of the cloud and our ability to free companies from the shackles of Information Technology gives a purpose to our efforts and our enthusiasm is embraced by our customers.

Located in the beautiful wine country of Livermore, just outside the hustle of Silicon Valley, we run our business on the same applications so we have the freedom to focus 100% on our customers unique requirements.


We want to change the way you work to eliminate the pain of computer infrastructure and enable the gain of efficiency, mobility & innovation. As specialists in the software and services industries, we leverage cloud technology to provide you with the implementation, training, and managed service in support of: Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, and/or NetSuite.

Business Intelligence 101 helped us make a smooth transition to Google Apps earlier this year. We immediately turned to Bi101’s expertise in NetSuite to help us complete our transition to the cloud.

Terry Turner

CEO, Controlco