G Suite Message Encryption

Provides on-demand message encryption, so you can securely communicate with business partners and customers.

Protect sensitive data during transmission

Automatically encrypt messages that contain confidential or protected information.


Manage content policies

Create content-based policies to help comply with GLBA, HIPAA, PCI DSS and data privacy regulations.

Automate encryption

Use predefined lexicons to enable automatic encryption of policy-controlled content.

G Suite Message Encryption (GAME) solution by Postini is a cost-effective hosted solution that automatically encrypts email based on your policy definitions, helping your organization avoid the financial penalties and brand equity damage that can result from sending data via unprotected email.

As a top Google partner, we can establish your Google Postini accounts and handle migration and deployment. Since Bi101 has already paid Postini user setup fees directly to Google, we can offer you the best email encryption solution at a great price.

Postini Email Encryption Google

Or, simply send an email to: encryption_demo@bi101.com.



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