Google Postini Security Suite

Hosted Security, Archiving, and Encryption Services

Google Postini Security Suite

Successfully Transition Postini
Business Intelligence 101 is here to help businesses transition their security suite from Postini to the best future fit. We'll explore options with you and help discover what security suite makes the most sense for your business, whether it's through Google or another partner.

Postini Solutions

Google Message Security

Protect your email from spam and viruses and set email policies to stay compliant

Google Message Discovery

Easily store, search, and locate messages without costly on-site or physical storage media

Google Message Encryption

Ensure legal and best practice compliance by encrypting messages containing sensitive information. Build customer and partner confidence and reduce financial and brand risks.


Touch-of-a-button email encryption with SendSecure makes sending out encrypted emails easier.

Postini Transition FAQ

Postini Transition FAQ


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