Webroot SecureAnywhere

Extend the secure web gateway to branch offices without backhauling web traffic through on-premise appliances.

Reduced TCO

No hardware or software to install, manage, or support

Proactive Web Security

Stops threats before they reach your network or users

Simplified Management

Intuitive web-based management console

With more than 85% of malware now distributed via the Web, proactive Web security is a necessity. Webroot Web Security Service provides better manageability and better malware protection than on-premise solutions. Organizations can get the most advanced protection against viruses, spyware, phishing and data loss while easily enforcing Internet acceptable use policy—all without the hassle of purchasing and managing additional hardware and software. And you can quickly identify holes in your security with our integrated Web vulnerability scanner and spyware detection – a unique feature not included with any other Web security service.

Antivirus, Antispyware, & Anti-Phishing

Scans HTTP, FTP over HTTP, and HTTPS browser traffic in the cloud, blocking malware before it reaches your network or users.

URL Content Filtering

Filters content based on URL, file type, and file size and groups URLs using categories and subcategories.

Tamperproof Control

Anonymizing proxy detection and prevention and tamperproof internet access control, even with attempts to bypass via VPNs or proxy sites.

Roaming Control

Enforces policies on remote, off-network users, ensuring they are fully provisioned to receive automatic and uninterrupted protection.

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