Integrate NetSuite with

Streamlined Lead-To-Cash & Back Office Visibility

Integrate NetSuite with
Bi101 offers a Salesforce-NetSuite Connection, providing streamlined real-time integration between Salesforce and NetSuite, the industry’s leading enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, creating a seamless lead-to-cash process.

Connecting your Salesforce and NetSuite applications lets you manage your business and underlying processes more effectively. Now you can create quotes or sales orders in NetSuite in real time, directly from Salesforce, and empower your sales force beyond the capabilities of traditional CRM, with expanded visibility into NetSuite order and financial data from Salesforce.

Your sales force can now focus on selling and closing deals more quickly and easily. It increases productivity and efficiency by allowing real-time connectivity and eliminating data re-entry. The entire integration is in real-time, so your sales force and finance team can always access the most up-to-date information within seconds.

The Connector includes a multitude of features, including the following:

Synchronize Customers and Contacts

Users can create quotes and sales orders from Salesforce opportunities with the click of a button, allowing downstream organizations to act instantly and eliminating the need to "walk" information to other departments for redundant data entry. The Connector synchs up the related account and contacts from Salesforce automatically as needed.

Convert Opportunities to Quotes or Sales Orders

Product and pricing updates are propagated instantly from NetSuite to Salesforce, providing the sales force with the most current and accurate product and pricing information. Price levels in NetSuite are converted into Salesforce Price Books, providing the sales force with several pricing options.

Back Office Visibility from within Salesforce

The Connector lets your sales force monitor orders as they move through fulfillment and billing. You can monitor in real time subsequent related customer financial transactions such as customer payments, credits, and refunds, and you can also access the latest account financials.

Sales reps can also monitor past-due invoices, accounts with credit holds, and the status of credit refunds. The Connector delivers this level of access out-of-the-box.

Give your sales force the most current product and pricing information, with product and pricing updates propagated instantly from NetSuite to Salesforce. The Connector converts price levels in NetSuite into Salesforce Price Books, providing your sales force with complete pricing options. It also lets all departments use the same product catalog, ensuring smooth, precise processing of opportunities, quotes, and orders.

  • Seamless deployment through NetSuite's SuiteBundler and's AppExchange
  • Supports all versions of NetSuite (ERP), including OneWorld
  • Supports Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited versions
  • Central user interface within NetSuite provides complete visibility into all aspects of the integration, including record and field-level mappings.
  • Facilitates communication through SSL encrypted Web services
  • Powered by the Integrator—a flexible, extendable platform that is easily customizable to customer-specific needs

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